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The Past

The curators and technicians of the museums, that over the years have collected, manufactured the containers, kept and maintained and recorded details of all specimens within their care. Both Hospital trusts namely, The Royal London Hospital & Saint Bartholomew's Hospital for having the foresight to have laid down such a resourceful legacy for future staff & students of both establishments, and for others to learn from and appreciate the collection.

The Present

The Arts and Humanities Research Council which enabled this collection of specimens from the Whitechapel Pathology museum to be digitised (Namely the Whitechapel Teaching Collection) by providing the funding (Sept 2005 - Aug 2006).

Museum Management Group (MMG)

  • Director of museum development
  • Curator
  • Manager
  • representative of Histo-Pathology
  • representative of Barts Health Archives
  • representative of Public Engagement Unit
  • representative of institute of health Sciences and Education
  • museum mentor (Arts Council England approved)


  • Ms Karin Fernandes
  • Mr Phill Hazell


Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Archivists

  • Ms Samantha Farhall ~ Trust Archivist
  • Miss Katie Ormerod ~ Assistant Archivist

The Royal London Hospital Archivists

  • Mr Jonathan Evans ~ Trust Archivist
  • Mrs Kate Richardson ~ Assistant Archivist

(The above information was correct in 2007 but posts have subsequently been restructured resulting in the merger of the two Archives, and staff leaving or retiring. Please use the contact us link if up to date details are required ) 

The Future

Further funding to add even more images & related text descriptions from the collection, to enhance a valuable technological resource. Also the addition of histological images, X-rays, & other related scanned images, to complement and enhance the Virtual Pathology Museum.

Mr Phillip Hazell (Museum Documentation & Photographic Officer) September 2006.

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