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About the Virtual Pathology Museum


This site has been created by the amalgamation of two museum collections within Barts and the London, School of Medicine & Dentistry. It is the on-line catalogue of the pathological specimens now held under the parent institution of Queen Mary University London. The original  museums were:

  • Royal London Hospital Pathology Museum, Whitechapel
  • Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Pathology Museum, West Smithfield

Most of the specimens are now housed at Barts Pathology Museum, located within the grounds of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, West Smithfield. The collection numbers some 5000 in total with around a quarter being over 100 years old. Some date back to the 1700s - the age of enlightenment - and these form the Historic Collection. Several specimens are still held at Whitechapel, and these form our reserve collection, but over time it is planned to consolidate everything at the main museum at West Smithfield. 

The collection requires a considerable amount of conservation, and this gives an opportunity to reorganise the specimens and place them in two distinct zones: one where specimens can be easily accessed by all visitors - including members of the public, and another where the specimens are held mainly for educational and research purposes. There may be limitations on access to this second group.   

It must be stressed that although the images are of the highest quality possible at present, they are only a two dimensional representation of the specimens. We suggest that you take the opportunity to view the original specimens, so as to obtain a three dimension appreciation of them. For students and academic staff please make an appointment with the museum manager. For members of the public please email to enquire when the museum will be open.

Please do email the museum manager with suggestions for improving this web site. 

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